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RAF104: Can I Have Too Much Money?

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RAF101: Running: A FEVER 101

This is my first podcast from a stationary bike. I demonstrate the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that is an important part of the New Strategy I have been developing and practicing since episode 70. I also... Read More
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RAF100: The 100th Episode

Here’s a look back at the best of our first 100 podcast episodes, including some funning, scary, rainy, sad, inspiring, depressing, and hopeful moments. I hope you enjoy it. I also look forward to some... Read More
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RAF099: Life and Destruction

I get lost taking a very long walk (see stats below) today. And I’m wondering about a recent experience I had. I attended my first demolition derby! What happened surprised me. MY reaction surprised me.... Read More
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RAF098: Final Biometric Screening Results

After a year of preparation, thinking and talking about it, biometrics day is finally here. I take a drive to the main corporate office to join the rest of my fellow employees in getting stuck,... Read More
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RAF097: Hiking at Hobbs State Park

This is the first episode that I have recorded on a hike. This relatively new Arkansas state park not only offers a number of trails of various lengths, but has a visitor’s center in which... Read More
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RAF096: Become an Expert in Your Own Health

Diet dept. My current diet includes at least 1 serving of fruit during the day. One of my snacks at work is either dried apple or banana, pretty much every single day. At home, when... Read More
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RAF095: Eggs and Australia

It’s August, hottest part of the year here. But not in Australia. There it’s in the 50’s (Fahrenheit). It is winter time there in the southern hemisphere. Running: A FEVER now has listeners in 26... Read More
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RAF094: Lake Atalanta in Rogers, Arkansas

Thanks and welcome to new YouTube YouTube subscriber Ron! You can also subscribe here: Today we are walking in a new location, which, like Lake Fayetteville, is a paved trail surrounding a lake, known... Read More
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