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RAF052: Scales, Swedes, and Millions from China

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RAF050: Hip Slick Hotel Run

I find myself a twelve-hour drive away from home on a short trip to the east. In a hotel that is way too hip for me, I find a gym and record the first ever... Read More
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RAF049: Not as I Do

It is the first day of spring and a beautiful one, though it was freezing when I left for work this morning. I give a full definition of anabolism and catabolism in the first ever... Read More
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RAF048: What is Anabolism?

In addition to trying out my rain suit for the first time on the trail, I present a lengthy hydration report including a reference to what bodybuilders call anabolism, which, per means “the synthesis... Read More
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RAF047: First Visit to the Dietician

The MOVE! Program at the VA is “a weight management, health promotion program designed to improve the lives of Veterans. MOVE!’s core ideas—encouraging healthy eating behavior, increasing physical activity, and promoting even small weight losses—are... Read More
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RAF046: The External Factor

I take a walk on breaks at work on an early Sunday morning when no one else is at the office. As the biggest loser contest draws to a close I begin to reflect on... Read More
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RAF045: Trying on Jeans

I went to Walmart to try on some jeans. I’ve gone from a size 44 to a size 38. I’m still putting off buying a new wardrobe because I’m not down to my ideal weight... Read More
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RAF044: The Weigh-In

The contest has gone nine weeks and I am in the lead. I look forward to winning the prize to offset some of my recent purchases of workout clothing. I’m going to finish the contest... Read More
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RAF043: No More Mr. Nice Guy

I start the day with already over 7,000 steps, and though I’m only going a half mile, I’m hitting the hills and increasing my pace to be a little more aggressive, and build strength. I... Read More
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RAF042: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

Today I’m off to a sports nutrition store near where I live called Complete Nutrition. In talking with some fellow “losers” at work I found out they can provide a body composition report. The report... Read More
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