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RAF089: Trying On Jeans II

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RAF086: The Bachelor Party

It has been a whole month since I recorded the last episode. I had a bachelor party weekend for a friend. It lasted a couple of days and included a number of activities. It was... Read More
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RAF085: The Tunnel

Front Page Last week I went through a tunnel on my walk. I’ve been thinking of the tunnel as a metaphor for obsession, particularly in fitness. I made fitness my number one priority, but I... Read More
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RAF084: Diet Innovation

This week I went to a new restaurant that had very innovative dishes. I had a Greek salad which had red bell pepper and green olives instead of tomatoes and black olives, and no red... Read More
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RAF083: Independence

It’s early morning, but plenty of people are out on the trail on this Saturday, which is sort of a holiday weekend. Independence Day in the U.S. was celebrated mid-week. The Declaration of Independence is... Read More
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RAF082: Beating the Heat

Determined to find my way back on my first walk at Skull Creek, I walk a bit long. It’s an adventure. In summertime it is important to be aware of the signs of heat-related diseases.... Read More
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RAF081: Physical Torture

I walk a new trail today called Mud Creek Trail, which is part of the Skull Creek Trail system: It is very well maintained, and unlike Lake Fayetteville, lighted. It is very hot today... Read More
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RAF080: The Economics of Weight Loss

Title: The Economics of Weight Loss I want all my international listeners to know how much I appreciate them. Some of these are Australia, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates, all of which I have... Read More
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RAF079: Dietician and PT Update

My most recent visit with Angela saw her happy with my progress. I have only lost one pound since my last visit, and have gotten my caloric intake up to 2500 calories. She is pleasantly... Read More
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