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RAF098: Final Biometric Screening Results

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RAF096: Become an Expert in Your Own Health

Diet dept. My current diet includes at least 1 serving of fruit during the day. One of my snacks at work is either dried apple or banana, pretty much every single day. At home, when... Read More
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RAF095: Eggs and Australia

It’s August, hottest part of the year here. But not in Australia. There it’s in the 50’s (Fahrenheit). It is winter time there in the southern hemisphere. Running: A FEVER now has listeners in 26... Read More
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RAF094: Lake Atalanta in Rogers, Arkansas

Thanks and welcome to new YouTube YouTube subscriber Ron! You can also subscribe here: Today we are walking in a new location, which, like Lake Fayetteville, is a paved trail surrounding a lake, known... Read More
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RAF093: When Life Is Not Lovable Loving my life is a full, whole life thing. I can’t just decide one day not to love my life. So how do I love my life when events make it seems unlovable. I... Read More
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RAF092: NutriSystem DNA

A listener let me in on a new service offered by the NutriSystem company. They call it DNA Body Blueprint. Genetics impact how our bodies process the foods we eat. Some people are genetically disposed... Read More
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RAF091: 7 Keys to a Longer Life

Last episode I interviewed Anasasia Strokova. I particularly wanted to know her opinion on dealing with the plethora of good and bad information available to those of us who want to live a healthy life.... Read More
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RAF089: Trying On Jeans II

Back in episode 45 I talked about trying on some jeans. At that point I had slimmed down to a about a size 38 from 44. I later bought a two pair of size 36... Read More
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RAF088: Good In, Good Out

My knee is giving me some trouble with some pain now and then. I don’t want to make these long walks a regular activity until I see the orthopedic surgeon. I have been going to... Read More
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