Michael Zalewski lost a lot of weight on the keto diet, which he no longer uses after discovering the health detriment of it. Like myself, he lost weight rapidly in the beginning as part of a weight loss contest, and subsequently moved to a more healthy pace.

The keto diet consists of a high-fat, low-carb, no-sugar diet. Like the atkins diet, the idea is that with no carbs to burn, the body must burn fat. But a high-fat diet has definite health risk. In Michael’s case his cholesterol raced. After he discovered this, and at the advice of his wife, who is a nurse, Michael stopped keto and is now on a Mediterranean-style diet.

Like many muscular men, Michael is, and, he feels, will probably always be overweight according to the National Institutes of Health BMI recommendations. But he uses his waist size (the same as in his high school days) as a main indicator of a healthy weight and body composition.

Recorded November 26, 2018.
Weight (change since Jan 2018): 195 (-79)
Workout time: 0 Minutes
Total Distance (total since Nov 2017): 0 Miles (275.95)
Steps: 5,613
Muscle Mass (change since Aug 2018): 144.89 (+2)
Body Fat: 25.7%
2018 Goals:
ACHIEVED (1) Run 10.5 miles in one day by 11/18/18
(2) Lose 100lbs by 12/25/18
2019 Goal: 15% Body Fat

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