After a year of preparation, thinking and talking about it, biometrics day is finally here. I take a drive to the main corporate office to join the rest of my fellow employees in getting stuck, swabbed, weighed and measured to see if we can get a break on health insurance in the coming year.

I go in a bit concerned about my blood pressure, which is still marginal, though I did a test under similar conditions a couple of weeks ago and the measurement was in the acceptable range. The “conditions” include the recommended preparation: fast for 12 hours with nothing but coffee or water, refrain from exercise for 48 hours. Exercise raises the blood pressure temporarily. So I have done that today.

The procedure is a little more complex than I expected. I did not know I would be tested for tobacco. This involves swabbing the mouth with a sponge-tipped plastic stick until the sponge is soft, which takes a while. It is then inserted into a cap and a result is provided immediately. I pass.

I remove my shoes to be weighed, but they do not ask me to remove my belt. Also, height is measured in fractions. In my weekly checkpoints I have been rounding up, so I hope that didn’t adversely affect anyone who was taking advantage of the checkpoints.

Drum roll please………….I pass! See today’s featured image for the detailed results. The nurse takes my blood pressure twice to get a good reading. I pass the waist measurement, which had to be 37 inches or less measured at the belly button. A BMI number is not provided, but based on the measured weight and height, it is 28.3, safely under the maximum 29.9.

It is good to see that my efforts paid off, especially after all of the time I have invested.

Recorded September 26, 2018.

Weight (change since Jan 2018): 201 (-73)
Workout time: 75 Minutes
Total Distance (total since Nov 2017): 2.46 Miles (171.09)
Steps: 6,297
Muscle Mass (change since Aug 2018): 146 (+3)
Body Fat: 27.2%
2018 Goals: (1) Run 10.5 miles in one day by 11/18/18 (2) Lose 100lbs by 12/25/18
2019 Goal: 15% Body Fat

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