I walk a new trail today called Mud Creek Trail, which is part of the Skull Creek Trail system:


It is very well maintained, and unlike Lake Fayetteville, lighted. It is very hot today so I seek shade wherever it lurks as I walk. This is Razorback country and even here on this walking trail I see statues of the wild porcine creatures.
PT can stand for Physical Therapy or Physical Torture. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. I am receiving Physical Therapy twice a week now because I have DISH (Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis) also known as Forestier’s disease. My spine is curved at the top such that I have to bend my neck backwards in order to see what’s in front of me. This causes a pinched nerve, which is what sent me to the neurosurgeon.

The physical therapists are good at what they do. The first visit was an assessment using some high-tech weight machines that measure strength and range of motion. The same machines are used for the therapy. I also got some homework, additional exercises to do on my own. After a couple of weeks, the exercises and weights have ramped up to where I feel like the therapy is a good workout, which, right now, I’m not getting elsewhere in terms of strength training.
I saw a sign for Therapods, which is a sensory-deprivation experience:


I’m learning, and sharing with you, that medical care is not all about getting a pill or a device to solve my problem. There’s work to do, and I should do it. After all, I’m paying the pros to help me get well. So what they say should matter and I should follow through and do the work. Easy to say, not always easy to do.

Weight (change since Jan 2018): 215 (-59)
Workout time: 150 Minutes
Total Distance (total since Nov 2017): 5.73 Miles (141.84)
Steps: 19,180
Goals: (1) Run 10.5 miles in one day by 11/18/18 (2) Lose 100lbs by 12/25/18

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